Alleppy Houseboat in Kerala | Cochin Tour & Alleppy Houseboat Experience

Alleppy Houseboat in Kerala | Alleppy Houseboat & Kochi Tour | Alappuzha & Cochin Tour | Cochin Tour & Alleppy Houseboat Experience | azhapuzha boat house

Alleppy Houseboat in Kerala | Cochin Tour – Here is my experience in Gods Own Country – Kerala. In this post I am covering azhapuzha boat house & Kochi tour. If anyone planing for Kerala tour, then Alleppy houseboat will be the main attraction for everyone. Whenever you search for Kerala tour on Google, you will get the result of houseboat with marvelous nature and extent view of beautiful blue water. There are many other things to do in Alleppy, including shopping, sight seen and of course Houseboat stay.

Alleppy Houseboat

Kerala known as the ‘Gods own Country’ and yes! It is really true, you will feel the same when you visit this beautiful state. In Kerala tour, till now we have covered Munner & Thekkady, now we are heading towards Alleppy | Alappuzha. Spending time on houseboat was superb experience for me. I was waiting to go to backwater and enjoy this experience from long time.

Places to visit in Alleppy | Alappuzha

  • Pineapple Farm
  • Juice Park
  • Alleppy Houseboat Kerala
  • Alappuzaha Market
  • Alleppy Beach
Alleppy Houseboat

After Alleppy houseboat stay for one night, I moved to Cochin side scene. So here, you will also get the information regarding places to visit in cochin. I have spend around 21 hours in Alleppy houseboat at backwaters including night time. Here, I am sharing with you last 2 days of Keral tour, in which Kerala houseboat and cochin side scenes are included.

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I have booked package for Kerala tour. Munnar, Thekkady, Alleppy & Kochi this all 4 destinations are included in the package itself. So, I am sharing the same places, which I have visited and my experience about that particular place with you. there might be possibility that, the view about some particular place are different because of every person has different though process and choices.

Places to visit in Alleppy:–

1.Pineapple plantation:

While heading toward Alleppy, you will see the green carpet of pineapple farms. I was very happy after I saw the pineapple farms because I have never seen this before. That farms are looking really very beautiful and the marvelous nature of Kerala is filling more colors in the picture. One can visit the farm and enjoy the nature, you can also clicks a memorable photos there.

Pineapple plantation is one of the famous plantation and Ernakulam is the highest pineapple production district in Kerala. While travelling to Alleppy it was splendid experience to drive through the Pineapple plantation mountains. So whenever you travel from Thekkady to Alleppy do visit this place and collect sweet memories of Kerala.

  • Address:- Kollam – Theni Highway, Kdakkunnam, Kerala 686513
  • Time:- 9 am to 6 pm
  • Entry Fee:- NA (as I have visited Farm)
  • Recommended:- Yes

2.Juice Park, near Alleppy:-

After visiting to the pineapple farm I have visited to one juice center. The name of that place is “Achus Juice Park”. In Kerala, passion fruit is very famous. I have ate this fruit in Kanjirapally, Kerala. The taste of this passion fruits was truly amazing. The person of this juice shop told me that, they make this fruit juice by adding sugar syrup in the passion fruit, because the fruits is really very fresh but has a slightly sour taste.

Passion fruit has hard skin out side and yellow pulp like jelly inside. I really like the taste of this passion fruit juice. Basically I like tart taste, so I rally love the taste of passion fruit. While eating passion fruit or passion fruit juice remember one thing do not drink water after eating the passion fruit. If you do so then you might be suffer with cough.

  • Address:- Achus Juice Park, Near Melaruvi Water fall, Kottayam-Kumily Road, Kanjirappally, Kerala 686506
  • Time:- 9 am to 7 pm
  • Entry Fee:- NA
  • Recommended:- Highly Recommanded

3. Alleppy Houseboat Kerala:-

Alleppy houseboat is the beautiful experience for life time. It is must do thing when you are in kerala. So book the houseboat and enjoy the rich culture of Kerala, India. Read my travel experience of Alleppy and Cochin.

Alleppy Houseboat

After eating passion fruit at Achu’s Juice Park, I move ahead and started journey towards Alleppy. I have reached to the Chittadil Houseboat starting point around 12:23 pm. I have booked the special boat which is mainly for couple. Check-in time for the houseboat is 12 ‘o’ clock Noon. I have checked-in to the houseboat around 1 pm. After arranging the luggage in the room, I have taken one complete round of houseboat. In houseboat, one bed room, kitchen and dining area this 3 things are included. The bedroom was very good and bathroom was clean & it was attached to the room.

After getting fresh, houseboat ride was started. The houseboat had good space and it was very convenient too. I had enjoyed manifests modish charm and cozy ambiance in houseboat. In Alleppy, nature was looking like – water is touching to the sky. It was an experience, for which I do not have words to explain. Around 2 pm the cook of that houseboat came to me and ask for lunch, as I am hungry and also excited for the kerala food I asked him to serve the food.

I must say, he is very good cook. He knows everything about Kerala cuisine. There are many dishes which he had prepared, but crispy Pomfret fry took my complete attention. Food was really very tasty. After lunch we again started to see the beauty of backwaters. This is the place which have a boat station like a we have bus stand. Water way is main transportation at backwaters.

Around 4 pm I went to buy a fish for dinner. In houseboat stay you can buy a fish from shop which is situated on the bank of the backwater and the person who cook food for you on house boat, will prepare this fish for you in the dinner. My boat sailor suggest me to buy carmin fish, which is the specialty of the Kerala. He stopped the boat at one fish shop.

I went to the fish shop and ask them about the prices of big size prawns and crab, the prices was really very high. It is not good thing, because they are catching the fishes from the same water and selling to the tourist on too high prices. It is not worth to buy crabs or prawns, so I have brought 4 carmin fish, which is the must have food and gave it to my house boat person who will going to cook dinner for me.

Alleppy Houseboat

After buying carmin fish and giving it to cook uncle, I have hired another boat to go inside the village. Houseboat will not take you in village due to bridges. So if you want to go inside the village, then hire one small size boat and enjoy the village tour which is located on water. It will cost you INR 800/-. This tour will take around 1 hour to complete this village tour.

Alleppy Houseboat

After completing the village tour, I have returned to the houseboat. Around 5 pm the cook uncle offered me tea and Kanda bhaji, that was also too tasty. While having a tea, I asked the boatman about market hoping near Alleppey houseboat starting point. He suggests me to go to the nearby market. Shopping market is about 10 KM from this place.

Alappuzaha Market – I went to the Alleppey market around 6 pm, because from 6 pm houseboat will stay at station. You will not be able to enjoy houseboat ride at night. So after reaching to the Alleppy market, I have visited one temple and brought two Kerala cotton saree’s for Rs.1000/-, yes I know it is really very reasonable! isn’t it? After completing the shopping I went back to the houseboat.

  • Address:- Chittadil Cruise, Nehru Trophy Ward, Avalukkunnu PO, Punnamada, Starting Point, Alappuzha, Kerala – 688006, India.
  • Time:- 12 pm Check in – 9 am Check out
  • Entry Fee:- NA
  • Recommended:- Highly Recommended

4.Alleppy Beach:-

Alleppy Beach is a very clean and beautiful beach in Allepply. Visit this palce to see the magnificent beauty of Kerala Sea Beach. This one of the best place to visit in alleppy and main tourist attraction too. Alleppy beach host the annual festival too.

  • Address:- Alleppy Beach, Alappuzha, Kerala – 688007, India.
  • Time:- 24 hours
  • Entry Fee:- NA
  • Recommended:- Highly Recommended

So here, In Kerala tour, we are covering Cochin side scenes too. I will give you the list of spots which I have covered in this Cochin trip after this houseboat tour, which was included in the Kerala tour package. So let’s make the list.

Places to visit in Cochin / Kochi

  • Fort Cochin
  • Folklore museum
  • St Francis church
  • Chinese Fishing Net
  • Mattanchery Palace
  • Marine Drive / Marine Walk Way
  • Boating
  • Tripunitura Hill Palace
  • Shopping Spot – Vasco-D-Gama square

1.Fort Cochin:-

This is very beautiful place to visit in Kochi. Fort Kochi have busy seafront, because of fisherman and street food stall holders. Fort is blessed with the clean water and magnificent atmosphere. It is situated near dutch cemetery and have a walk able distance from St Francis Church. So while visiting to this fort Cochin you can visit church too. I want to clear one thing here. It is not a beach, very small amount of sand is there.

I had my lunch in Kerala Marine food center on Marine walkway. You can see this restaurant at left side as soon as you reach the Kochi fort name plate.

  • Address:- Kochi (Cochin) 682001, India
  • Time:- 24 hr
  • Entry Fee:- NA
  • Recommended:- Yes

2.Folklore Museum:-

Folklore Museum is located in the Kochi. Speciafically this museum is know for art, crafts and antiques. It will introduce you to the vast culture diversity and nostalgia of Kerala. Here you will get to see the many new things which you can’t see any other museum. In this museum i love the jewelry collection, some paintings and traditional cloth collection. Ambiance in this museum is very pleasant. This museum have vision to provide art education to student, art lovers, travelers and researchers. Unique and antique collection is available here to see. Folklore Museum is only agricultural museum in Kerala.

  • Address:- Near, 2059C No 26 Pandit Karuppan Road, Thevara Ferry Road, Junction, Kochi, Kerala 682013
  • Time:- 9:30 am to 6:000 pm
  • Entry Fee:- Rs.100/- (for Indian), Rs.200/- (for Foreigners), Rs.100/- (to clicks pictures)
  • Recommended:- Highly Recommended

3.St Francis church:-

St Francis church is the immediate neighbor to Fort Kochi. This fort is build in 1503 and open for the people in 1516. This church is one of the oldest European church in India. St Francis church is well know for the beautiful structure, visitors mainly surprise by its globed timber framed roof. This holy church has really very holy and pleasant atmosphere. One should visit there if planning for Kerala.

  • Address:- Head Post Office, Saint Francis Church Road Opp, Fort Kochi, Kochi, Kerala 682001
  • Time:- Monday to Saturday – 10 am to 5 pm, Sunday – 12 pm to 5 pm.
  • Entry Fee:- NA
  • Recommended:- Highly Recommended

4.Chinese Fishing Net:-

Chinese fishing net is one type of fishing net which is tied to the bamboos. You will feel this net is really very big and may be operated by more than four fishermen. Chinese fishing net has unique design, so the fisherman can operate this 20 meters big size fishnet itself.

You will get to see the Chinese net when you went for the boat ride in Kochi. So go to the boat ride and explore the Chinese fishing net.

  • Address:- Ayyankali Road, Maradu, Ernakulam, Kearala – 682304, India.
  • Time:- 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (Monday to Sunday)
  • Entry fee:-Rs.2000/-
  • Recommended:- No

5.Mattanchery Palace:-

Mattanchery Palace is the best example of Kerala style architecture. This palace is also know as Dutch palace. Mattanchery Palace is double storied and has very beautiful collection of murals. This is situated about 12 Km from Ernakulam. Palace has some of the great Indian epics like Ramayana and Mahabharta. As per Wikipedia this palace is included in the “tentative list” of UNESCO World Heritage Site. So visit this palace and enjoy your tour.

PC-Kerala Tourism
  • Address:-Mattancherry, Kochi, Kerala 682002
  • Time:- 9:45 am to 1 pm, 2 pm to 4:45 pm (Monday to Sunday)
  • Entry fee:-Rs.2/-(Adult), No Entry fee for children below 15 years
  • Recommended:- Highly Recommended

6.Marine walk way:-

Marine drive is a beautiful and buzzing waterfront of sea. As a Mumbaikar, I always love to visit Marine drive, but when I heard about the Mairne drive and marine walk way in Kochi I decided to visit this place. In Kochi, Kerala marine walkway has admirable natural beauty of sea. You will get to see many street food stall holder by see side. I have tried Pani puri, coco pineapple and coco raw mango there, basically I think every food has there own fan base and I am the raw mango lover so I like coco raw mango than Pani puri and coco pineapple.

Food was good in taste, you can try it if you are feeling really very hungry, if not then do try some other restaurants. There are many street food stalls and other marine line restaurants are available explore.

  • Address:-Marine Drive Walkway, Marine Drive, Ernakulam, Kerala, 682031, India
  • Time:- 12:00 am to 12:00 pm (Monday to Sunday)
  • Entry fee:- NA
  • Recommended:- Highly Recommended


In Kochi there is one spot where you can take a boat ride for 1 hour and see the places situated on the water way. There are some buildings, houses and hotels which can you explore. The water supply tank, Chinese Net and the some light spots. Overall water experience was good but, if you are already has a houseboat stay then you will feel it less enjoyable. So, I would suggest you to do not go to this place.

My experience is, this place is too boring. After the overnight stay in houseboat at backwaters, it is totally waste of time and money to do this boating again in Kochi. They will charge you too much for this 1 hour boating ride. So I would suggest you to don’t do that. There are many other interesting things to do in Kochi.

This place is very difficult to locate due to bad roads leading to it. There are no cloak rooms to keep your luggage. If you are visiting here at evening then you can enjoy the awesome sunset.

  • Address:- Ayyankali Road, Maradu, Ernakulam, Kearala – 682304, India.
  • Time:- 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (Monday to Sunday)
  • Entry fee:-Rs.2000/-
  • Recommended:- No

8.Tripunitura Hill Palace :-

Tripunitura Hill Palace is the largest archaeological museum in the Kerala. This museum is situated in Tripunitura, Kochi. This hill palace complex consist 49 buildings in the traditional architectural style. It was an official residence of Cochin Maharaja.

PC- Tour my India

If you do not want to do boating then you can go and visit this hill palace. You will love the architecture of this place. I did not get time to visit this palace because I have done boating.

  • Address:- Hill Palace Rd, Irumpanam, Thrippunithura, Ernakulam, Kerala 682301
  • Time:- 9:30 am to 1 pm, 2 pm to 4:30 pm (Monday Close, Tuesday to Sunday)
  • Entry fee:-Rs.10/-(Adult), Rs.5/-(Children)
  • Recommended:– Yes

9.Shopping Spot – Vasco-D-Gama square:-

Vasco D Gama square is one of the best place to do shopping in Kochi. This market is situated on the marine walkway. You will get many options for shopping. But please bargain for whatever you buy. You can do shopping and can enjoy tasty street food at the same time.

Marine walkway, church and Vasco D Gama corner all are situated nearby. So you can cover this all spots at one time.

  • Address:- Vasco-D-Gama square, No: XIV/1642, River Road, Kunnumpuram Rd, Karuvelippady, Fort Kochi, Kochi, Kerala 682001
  • Time:- 24 hours
  • Entry fee:- NA
  • Recommended:- Highly Recommended


Tips for travelling Alleppy & Kochi

  • I would suggest you to book houseboat for the day time only , because you can not enjoy houseboat ride at night, so there is no use to book houseboat for overnight.
  • Instead of overnight houseboat stay book a good hotel and enjoy the night on waterside. There are many hotels available which are located on the waterside.
  • Buy carmin fish from waterside shop, if you are booking overnight stay at houseboat.
  • Do buy kerala sarees from the alleppy market.
  • In Kochi on Vasco D Gama Square Market prices are unnecessarily very high so do bargaining.
  • Marine walkway and kochi fort is a same or say nearby places.
  • Do not forget to try see food.

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