Aurangabad – Places to Visit in This beautiful City | World Heritage Sites Tour in Maharashtra, India

Aurangabad – Places to Visit in This beautiful City | World Heritage Sites Tour in Maharashtra, India

Aurangabad – Places to Visit | World Heritage SiteAurangabad – Places to Visit in This beautiful City | World Heritage Sites Tour in Maharashtra, IndiaHere you will get the total information about good hotels to stay in Aurangabad, places to visit in Aurangabad and good food junctions, where you can enjoy the food of Marathvada.

The beautiful city-Aurangabad still shows the remnants of the Mughal empire. The main attraction of this place is Bibi Ka Maqbara. 


Aurangabad is also famous for Siddharth Garden and Zoo, where the caves in Ajanta and Ellora in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, are UNESCO World Heritage sites. Foreigners come from far and wide to see and study these caves. 

Maharashtra is always an important tourist destination because of Mumbai. “The city of dreams – Mumbai” makes it easy for people to travel, as Mumbai connects all the places properly by air, train, water & road.

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For this Aurangabad tour, 3 days and 2 nights are enough, But if you have senior citizens with you then, make it for 4 days & 3 nights, so the trip will be very calm and good for your loved ones. This trip is also a very good option for people who work in corporate and have very few leave options. If you get holiday Monday or Friday then you can plan this trip for 3 days and cover all the points, as I have done.

Points to be covered in this post

  • How to reach Aurangabad
  • Places to visit in Aurangabad
  • Good Hotels for stay in Aurangabad
  • Famous food junctions
  • Best time to visit to Aurangabad
  • My travel experience in detailed to reach Aurangabad:-

You can travel by train, road and air. Aurangabad is a good and big city, so transportation is not the problem at all. I have booked the train tickets for both sides traveling, as I live in Mumbai it is really very affordable and easy to travel by train. After reaching the station, I booked an Ola cab for the hotel. You can read my whole journey at the end of this post.

B.Places to Visit in Aurangabad:-

Here, in Aurangabad there are many places to visit, but I am covering the places which are must to visit when you’re in this beautiful city.

1.Bibi Ka Maqbara:-


Bibi ka Maqbara is a replica of the Taj Mahal. The beautiful landscapes and gardens capture the attention. Seating areas for the Queen, where she used to sit in the evening are decorated with the beautiful water fountains.

The beautiful mausoleum of Aurangazeb’s wife is believed to have been constructed by Prince Azam Shah in memory of his mother Rabia-ul-Durrani Alias Banu Begum between circa 1651-1661 A.D.

This Maqbara is builded in a very spacious place. This is where you get to see the gardens of Chiku. The hard work of making this Maqbara is still visible today. The Maqbara is built of beautiful marble and the carving on it further enhances its beauty.

This place is near Aurangabad railway station. You have to pay 25 rupees to see Bibi ka Maqbara. You can use GPay to pay the entry fee.

  • Place Name:- Bibi Ka Maqbara
  • Address:-Begumpura, Aurangabad, Maharashtra-431004.
  • Entry Time:-8am to 8pm
  • Entry Fee:-Rs. 25/- for Indian
  • Recommendation:-Highly Recommended

2.Sidharth Garden:-

This place is situated near Aurangabad Railway station. You can take an auto from the station to reach Sidharth garden. As I have booked Hotel Devpriya it was really easy for me to visit Sidharth garden by walking. Because Hotel Devpriya is a neighbor to Sidharth garden and Zoo. 

In this garden you will get to see the animal, fish and beautiful landscape. Visit and enjoy the park and Zoo together. 

  • Place Name:- Sidharth Garden and Zoo
  • Address:-Central Bus Stand Road, Mhada, Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431001
  • Entry Time:-9am to 7pm (Tuesday close)
  • Entry Fee:-Rs. 10/- to 50/- per person Rs. 5/- for children
  • Recommendation:-Highly Recommended

3.Ajanta Caves | Ajintha Leni:-


At the end of the 7th century. Buddhism began to decline in the land of its origin and its shrines fell into desolation and ruin. For a thousand years, Ajanta lay buried in the jungle-clad slopes of the wester mountain range, until in 1819 it was discovered accidentally. Ajanta caves are a UNESCO World Heritage Site situated in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India. 

There is a painting on the ceiling, unlike those on the walls, are mainly decorative patterns. They include geometrics design, floral and ornamental motifs, flying figures of celestial beings, animals, birds, plants. The grouping in panels or compartments, with adequate in color schemes. You will need 2 to 3 hours to explore the caves.

There the thirty caves, some of them unfinished and negligible. Sixteen contain mural paintings, but the best work is to be found in Caves 1, 2, 16, 17 and 19. The best sculptures are in consecutive order and has no relation to their chronological sequence. It starts the western extremity of the rock, near the entrance. The present entrance dose not seem to have been the original approach to the excavations.

You will need whole day to cover this Ajanta caves, as this caves are situated more than 100km away from the Aurangabad city. So plan your trip accordingly. I have visited Ajanta caves on the 2nd day of my Aurangabad tour.

  • Place Name:- Ajanta Caves | Ajintha Leni
  • Address:-Maharashtra 431117
  • Entry Time:-9am to 5pm (Tuesday close)
  • Entry Fee:-Rs. 10/-per person – India Rs. 250/- for Foreigners, Camera Rs. 25/-
  • Recommendation:-Highly Recommended

4.Ellora caves | Verul Leni:-

Ellora caves are a UNESCO World Heritage Site situated in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India. The Cave Temple of Ellora, are the product of three religious systems – Buddhism, Brahmanism and Jainism containing elaborate carving of Gods and goddesses & remarkable memorials of the three great faiths they represent.

Each system had its individual style of architecture and Ellora presents the varied styles side by side. The sculpture works, too, traveling the points of contrast. The excavations on a sloping hill-side are spread over an area, from north to south, of about two kilometers.

Caves 1 to 12, making the southern series, are Buddhist. The next sixteen belong to Brahmanism, Caves, 30 to 34 are in the Jain group. The Buddhist caves are the earliest (500-700 A.D.). 

Main attraction is cave no.16, known as Kailasha Temple. Shiva’s mountain abode is by far the best of all Ellora excavations and it is one of India’s most famous monuments. Here is rock cut architecture at the apex of technical skill of the eighth and early ninth centuries.

Kailash Temple is an ancient Shiva temple. It is known that the construction of this temple has been completed in 18 years.

This temple is made entirely of the same stone. It is a mystery to build such a temple in those days when there was no development of engineering knowledge.

Regarded as the greatest monolithic structure in the world, Kailash combines immensity with grace, energy and superb genius.

  • Place Name:- Ellora Caves | Verul Leni
  • Address:-Ellora Cave Rd, Ellora, Maharashtra 431102
  • Entry Time:-6am to 6pm (Tuesday close)
  • Entry Fee:-Rs. 10/-per person – India Rs. 250/- for Foreigners, Camera Rs. 25/-
  • Recommendation:-Highly Recommended

5.Ghrushneshwar Temple:-

There are 12 Jyotirlingas in India and one of them is that of Grishneshwar Temple situated just near Ellora caves. This Jyotirlinga is said to be self oriented. You can reach this temple very easily as it is situated just near to the Ellora caves and really very good to you to draw your route to complete all the destinations in one day. 

According to historical records it was built in the 7th Century by Sati Ahilya Bai and mother-in-law Gautam Bai. There is a small entrance, passing which one reaches the courtyard of the Temple.

  • Place Name:- Ghrishneshwar Temple
  • Address:-NH 211, Verul, Near Ellora Caves, Maharashtra 431102
  • Entry Time:-5am to 9pm (Tuesday close)
  • Entry Fee:-NA, Camera & Mobile Not Allowed inside the Temple
  • Recommendation:-Highly Recommended


While planning to visit to Khultabad my main attraction was Bhadra Maruti Temple, which is dedicated to the Lord Hanuman. In this Temple you will see thee sleeping statue of Lord Hanuman.

If you are planning to visit this temple then do not forget to buy “Peda prasad” from the shop, which has a really very amazing taste and is very famous all over Maharashtra. 

There are other gateways like mosques and numerous thombs within a few miles from Daulatabad Fort. Khultabad is 13km further up the road and close to Ellora caves. The visitors may have look at the thomb of the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in Khultabad, It is thomb of simplest kind.

Aurangazeb was is emperor who was one of the richest and most powerful man of his time, had left the instructions that his last resting place should be built only with the few rupees he had earned by stitching cloth caps; and that, like a poor man’s grave, it was to be covered simply with earth. the contrast with the mausoleum of his wife, Bibi-Ka-Maqbara.

  • Place Name:- Bhadra Maruti Temple
  • Address:- Khuldabad Rd, Khuldabad, Maharashtra 431101
  • Entry Time:-5am to 12pm & 4pm to 9pm
  • Entry Fee:-NA
  • Recommendation:-Highly Recommended

7.Daulatabad Fort:-


Daulatabad fort was built, when the Daulatabad was the capital of the Hindu Kingdom in the Deccan and was called “Deogiri – the hills of the God”. This fort was built by Raja Bhillamraj, of Yadav Dynasty, who was a great general of his time.

The hills were the site of a rock-hewn citadel which was considered to be invulnerable. However, Deogiri yeilded to enemy assault and passed into the possession of the Sultans of Delhi in 1308 A.D.

All over the fortress there are strong ramparts. Cannon were mounted at strategic points and the differences were so designed that a great concentration of fire could be attained. European travelers of those days, who have left very readable memories, have described this citadel as “one of the most powerful in India. This fort is pyramidical of its type in India.

It is powerful for the enemy. Whenever you visit this place don’t forget to see Mendha Cannon, Bharat mata Temple, Chand Minar, Rock cut well moat and Baradari.

  • Place Name:- Daulatabad Fort
  • Address:- MH SH 22, Daulatabad, Maharashtra 431002
  • Entry Time:-8am to 6pm
  • Entry Fee:-India – Rs 20/-, Foreigners – 250/-
  • Recommendation:-Highly Recommended

I have visited above all the places, there are other places too. But if you are planning a 3 days trip then better to stick to the plan and follow the destinations which I have covered in my trip. There are places like, Panchakki, Aurangabad Caves, Paithan, Sant Dnyaneshwar Garden and Jayakwadi Dam.


During the Mughal times, the Panchakki or watermill derived its name from mill worked water power for grinding corn for the poor and the military garrison. The water flows down through clay-pipes based on the siphon system from a distance of 11km. 

  • Place Name:-Panchakki
  • Address:-Panchakki Rd, Panchakki, Nagsenvan, Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431001
  • Entry Time:-8am to 9:30pm
  • Entry Fee:-India – Rs 5/-, Foreigners – 100/-
  • Recommendation:-Highly Recommended

9.Aurangabad Caves:-

The Cave Temples of the Aurangabad cur between the 6th and 8th century are nine km from Aurangabad, near Bibi-Ka-Maqbara. Cave temples of Aurangabad make a worthy prelude to the far more celebrated Ellora and Ajanta. Some of the sculptural work here ranks with the beat in India. 

Best place to spend quality time with your loved ones and main thing you will be able to see awesome scenes of Aurangabad city.

  • Place Name:-Aurangabad Caves
  • Address:- Grishneswar temple Road, Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431101
  • Entry Time:-9am to 5pm
  • Entry Fee:-India – Rs 10/-, Foreigners – 100/-
  • Recommendation:-Highly Recommended

10.Sant Dnyaneshwar Garden:-

Sant DnyaneshwarGarden is situated in the town name Paithan. This town is a little away from the Aurangabad city. The city was the capital of the Satavahana Empire almost 2000 years ago. This Garden is very beautiful and you will love to spend time here. The musical fountain show and Kathputli show is very good to attain.

  • Place Name:-Sant Dnyaneshwar Garden
  • Address:- Court Road, Sant Dynaneshwar Udyaan, Paithan, Maharashtra 431107
  • Entry Time:-5:30am to 8:30pm
  • Entry Fee:-Rs 15/-
  • Recommendation:-Highly Recommended

11.Jayakwadi Dam:-

After visiting this place you will feel like you are at the side of the sea. This dam is one of the largest irrigation projects in Maharashtra. Visit this place in the evening and enjoy the sunset.

  • Place Name:-Jayakwadi Dam
  • Address:- North Jaykwadi Flyover, Sant Dynaneshwar Udyaan, Paithan, Maharashtra 431107
  • Entry Time:-10am to 6pm
  • Entry Fee:- NA
  • Recommendation:-Highly Recommended

C.Good Hotels for stay in Aurangabad:-

Aurangabad is a very beautiful city and has a lot of options of hotels for tourists. You can book hotels near railway stations, so it will be very easy for you to travel. I have booked Hotel Dev priya which is near to railway station and neighbor to Sidharth garden and Zoo.

1.Hotel Dev Priya:-

Decent hotel rooms. Good for travelers as the hotel is neighbor to Sidharth garden and Zoo and 10 min distance from Aurangabad railway station. I have booked this hotel room using the OYO app.

  • Hotel Name:-Hotel Dev Priya
  • Address:-1, Pushpa Nagari, Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431002
  • Booking done Through:-OYO (number OYO 15983)
  • Recommendation:- Yes

2.Apple Hotel:-

  • Hotel Name:-Apple Hotel
  • Address:- Next to D-Mart, Hudco Corner,, Beside Taj Vivanta, CIDCO N-12,, Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431003
  • Recommendation:- Yes

3.Hotel The Orange Flag:-

  • Hotel Name:-Hotel The Orange Flag
  • Address:-Plot no.- 66Nagar-Paithan Link Rd Walmi Naka, Nakshtra Wadi MBR, Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431105
  • Booking OYO ID:-OYO 47631
  • Recommendation:- Yes

4.Hotel Pariwar Lodging:-

  • Hotel Name:-Hotel Pariwar Lodging
  • Address:-Plot no.- Railway Station Road, Beside Railway Station, Padampani Colony, MIDC, Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431001
  • Recommendation:- Yes

D.Famous Food Junctions:-

Here the best food junctions in Aurangabad to enjoy the Mughal and Marathwada food.


  • Hotel Name:-Hotel Kareem’s
  • Address:-Shop No. A1-A3 Motiwala Complex, Nirala Bazar, Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431001
  • Distance from Railway station:-7 Minutes by Car
  • Recommendation:- Highly Recommended
  • Good food:- Khubani Ka Meetha, biryani, Kabab, shahi sweet zeera.

2.Maratha Hotel:-

  • Hotel Name:-Maratha Hotel
  • Address:-Kotwalpura, Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431001
  • Distance from Railway station:-7 Minutes by Car
  • Recommendation:- Highly Recommended
  • Good Food:- Everything is just awesome, do not forget to try Mutton

3.Hotel VIP Maratha:-

  • Hotel Name:-Hotel VIP Maratha
  • Address:-Dr Bhapkar Marg, Opposite MTDC, Padampani Colony, Sanbhaji Nagar, Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431005
  • Distance from Railway station:-6 Minutes by walking
  • Recommendation:- Highly Recommended
  • Good Food:- Everything is just awesome, good Marathi food

E.Best time to visit to Aurangabad:-

Aurangabad is a city where you will experience heat. So do not plan trips in the summer. It’s a good season to visit Aurangabad. There are seasons, in the winter it will be cold and will be very hot in the summer. So plan your trip accordingly.

F.My travel experience in detailed:-

I have traveled by train. I have booked train tickets for both sides. In Aurangabad city I have used Ola cab for traveling. Here you will not face transportation problems. Aurangabad is one of the famous cities in Maharashtra. Travel cost is affordable.

Day 1

One day one, I traveled to Aurangabad by train. I caught a Train from Mumbai-LTT at 6:00am. I reached Aurangabad by 1:45pm. From the station I have booked Ola cab to reach Hotel Dev priya. One can avail the option of Auto. Autos are available outside the station. 

I reach to the hotel, I freshen up and went to Hotel Kareem’s for lunch. This hotel is reminiscent of the Mughal period. Food was really very good. One should try food here when at Aurangabad.

The sweet dish Khubani ka meetha took my complete attention. It was really very new for me, I didn’t eat this dish before. Sweet jeera drink was also too good. After finishing lunch I went back to the hotel.

Around 5:00pm I went to see Bibi-Ka-Maqbara. What a beauty it was! This is the replica of Taj Mahal. I clicked some photos and spent 1:30 hours there. After that ate Bhel and had tea outside the Bibi-ka-Maqbara. After having tea I went to Siddharth Garden & Zoo.

I reached there around 7:00pm, so the zoo was already closed. So I took some food outside the Sidharth Garden & Zoo And went back to the Hotel. At night I have lunch at Maratha Hotel which is near to the Hotel Dev Priya.

Day 2

On the second day I plan to visit Ajanta caves. Ajanta Caves are located around 100 km away from the Aurangabad city. For the whole day I have booked Ola outstation for the traveling. I had breakfast at the hotel only. Then I started the journey toward Ajanta caves. Road was not good and it is under maintenance.

I reached Ajanta around 1:30pm. Then go to the bus stop, the bus will drop you to Ajanta caves. It will take around 3 – 4 hours to explore all the caves. The caves are very beautiful and worth seeing. You will find statue sellers there, bargain and then and only then buy the product. It will be over cost.

After exploring all the caves I had tea and Bhel outside the caves. Then went to the shop and brought some coasters and dhoop dan from the shop. Then I started the journey toward Hotel. I had dinner at Hotel Maratha.

Day 3

Last day of the trip started earlier. After having breakfast, I checked out from the hotel book the cab and went to the Ghrishneshwar Mandir first.

The route is very simple and good to cover all the spots. First Grishneshwar Temple, Ellora caves, Lunch at hotel Annapurna, Khultabad, Daulatabad Fort this is the route.

I have covered all the spots and went to the railway station as I have to catch a train for Mumbai-LTT from Aurangabad Station. You can have your dinner at Hotel VIP Maratha, which is the best hotel to eat Marathi food.

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