Ganpatipule Mandir Trip | गणपतीपुळे दर्शन | A travel guide to Ganpatipule

Ganpatipule Mandir Trip | गणपतीपुळे दर्शन | A travel guide to Ganpatipule | गणपतीपुळे समुद्र | Ganpatipule Beach Travel Guide | Ratnagiri to Gapatipule

Ganpatipule Mandir Trip | गणपतीपुळे दर्शन | A travel guide to Ganpatipule | Ratnagiri to Ganpatipule – Ganpatipule is the town near Ratnagiri, situated on the western cost of India. This place has beautiful and clean beaches. In this post, you will get total information and travel guide for Ganpatipule, as well as the information about the best hotels, best food junctions and places to visit in Ganpatipule including traveling costs.

Ganpatipule is very beautiful town has extent greenery and clean see beaches. Ganpatipule beach is know for the centuries old Swayambhu Ganpati Temple. Temple is really very beautiful, which is the house of orange color Ganesha Statue. This Ganesha Temple is very famous or say it is identity of the town Ganpatipule.


This is 2 Nights 3 days trip of Ganapatipule from Mumbai. Here you will get total information to plan your trip for this beautiful and holy destination.

Point will going to cover in this post:-

  • How to reach Ganpatipule?
  • Places to Visit
  • Famous Food Junction
  • Hotel to Stay
  • Travel Guide with cost.
1.How to reach Ganpatipule?

Reaching to this place is less costly and easy, but after reaching to Ganpatipule you will find that traveling is beat costly beacuse no ola, uber is available. you have to use auto to travel in the town and also for sight scence. The Auto driver has fixed amount for every particular place. I have booked Vaidya holidays for stay, so from vaidya holidays to Ganpatipule beach auto was charged me Rs. 120/- Where the distance was around 5km.

  • By Train:- Nearest station to Ganpatipule is Ratnagiri. There are many trains available to go to Rathnagiri. I have booked ‘LTT Karmali Special (01043)’ train ticket. From Ratnagiri you will get Auto to reach Ganpatipule. Driver will ask you for 600/- to 700/-, after bargain it will cost you around Rs. 400/-. On my way back to Mumbai, I caught the LTT train from Ratnagiri. To reach Ratnagiri, I climbed into Bus from the bus stop which is near the temple.
  • By Air:- Mumbai is the nearest Airport. From Mumbai you can go by train, Bus or privet cab.
  • By road:- You can book ola or any other privet car to go to the destination. One can also have option of Bus to go this beautiful place.
2.Places to Visit In Ganpatipule

This beautiful place has some of the most fascinating sights you can visit other than Main Ganesha temple, which is situated at Ganpatipule beach. These include places like, JSW Ganesha Temple, Jaigad Fort, Kartheshwar Temple, Prachin Kokan Museum, Magic garden and amazing beaches with adventurous water sport.

1.Ganpatipule Ganesha Temple:-


Ganpatipule Ganesha Temple is famous for a self-made Ganesha statue and the beautiful village is recognized by this amazing temple. The temple complex is very quiet and relaxing. Here you can enjoy nature, as this temple is situated right on the beach. Therefore, the devotees can experience a very sacred devotion. The temple complex is very beautiful and well kept. After visiting this place, the temptation to spend more time here is unmatched.

Many small shops are located in the temple premises. From this store, you can buy prasadam and some other favorite items. At 7pm, there is a time of Aarti, so you can enjoy sunset and auspicious Aarti together. You will have to wait some time in the queue for prasadam after the aarti, but yes not for too much time. Because the temple management is very organized and the seating arrangement is also very relaxed. I went to the temple on Shivratri day, so I got a delicious prasadam. I will tell you that, you too should enjoy this unique offering.

  • Place:- Ganpatipule Ganesha Temple
  • Address:- Ganpatipule, Maharashtra-415615
  • Time:- 6am to 9pm
  • Recommendation:- Highly recommended

2. Jay Vinayak Temple (Jaigad):-


Jai Vinayak Temple is a very beautiful and well organized temple situated 13km away from the Ganaptipule. It is a beautiful and picturesque temple, with a very clean landscape. The gardens are amazing. There is a small space beside the Temple where the most wonderful items are made from the skull of the coconut, which is available for sale.

The construction of the temple is similar to that of the Buddhist temple which provides inner and outer peace. This Temple is located on the way to the Jaigad fort. It is build by the JSW Energy, who have done a wonderful job and you will feel the same whenever you visit this beautiful temple.

  • Place:- Jay Vinayaak Temple
  • Address:- Kachare, Maharashtra 415614
  • Time:- 5:30am to 12:30pm, 5:00pm to 9:30pm
  • Recommendation:- Highly recommended

3.Jaigad Fort:-

Ganapatipule jaigad

Jaigad Fort is situated right next to the village of Jaigad. This is the point of meeting the Shastri River and the Arabian Sea. When I got there, I was feeling very calm, feeling like I was watching history before my eyes. As I climbed a tower, I saw a beautiful view. Seeing the sea through a stone window is an unforgettable experience in itself.

The historic premises of the fort, its large gates and strong walls testify to the security of the day. Old buildings still in poor condition in the yard of the fort reflect the standard of living of the time. At that time, the area around the fort should be very safe, as there is sea. There is a Ganpati Temple in the fort. You will find Bhagwa flag everywhere in the fort.

  • Place:- Jaigad fort
  • Address:- Jaigad Costal Road, Jaigad, Maharashtra 415614
  • Time:- 9:00am to 6:00pm
  • Recommendation:- Highly recommended

4.Light House:-


After visited to the Jaigad fort, Light house is on the way to Karhateshwar Temple. This place offer great view of the sea. Here you can see the beautiful sea view and enjoy the cool air. From the height, the view of the sea looks very appealing. People spend 25 minutes to 35 minutes here. There is Rs.30/- entry ticket for one person. Timing to visit Jaigad light house is 4pm to 5pm, plan accordingly.

  • Place:- Jaigad Light House
  • Address:- Nandivade, Maharashtra 415614
  • Time:- 4:00pm to 5:00pm
  • Recommendation:- Highly recommended

5.Karhateshwar Temple:-


Kahteswar Temple is a beautiful temple situated on the shores of the sea. From this place one can enjoy the beauty of the sea. As you enter the temple, there is a place for washing your hands and feet before, descending a few steps to the right hand.

There is Go-Mukha, which is the natural sweet water source on the sea side in the temple. I love this place very much. One should visit this place when you are in Ganpatipule.

  • Place:- Karhateshwar Temple
  • Address:- Near jaigad light house
  • Time:- NA
  • Recommendation:- Highly recommended

6.Prachin kokan Museum:-


Prachin Konkan Museum is the first open air museum in Maharashtra. It was opened to viewers in the year 2004. In this museum you will find information about the lifestyle and daily life of Konkan in olden times. The landscape of this place is very scenic. In this museum you can find information about the living of Konkani people as well as the important shrubs of Konkan. This museum is near to Ganpatipule beach.

At the Prachin Konkan Museum, you can enjoy famous and authentic food from Konkan. In order to eat these foods you also need to get a coupon for the food along with the admission ticket. When visiting the museum you find the guide free of charge. The guide walks you through the entire museum very informatively. You can also shop for favorite items in a shop. The last step on this museum trip is to know and show you the Shankh, you can buy these Shankh too.

  • Place:- Prachin Kokan Museum, Ganpatipule
  • Address:- Konkan Tourism Development & Research Centre, Taluka & District Ratnagiri, Ganpatipule, Maharashtra 415615
  • Time:- 9am to 5pm
  • Recommendation:- Highly recommended

7.Magic Garden:-


This is first theme park in Ganpatipule. Here you can enjoy horror house, mirror, infinity hall, vortex tunnel and live magic show. This magic garden is located just opposite to the Prachin Konkan museum. Magic Garden Very Good Place If You Have Kids With You.

  • Place:- Magic garden, Ganpatipule
  • Address:- District and Tehsil Ratnagiri, Opp. Prachin Konkan, Ganpatipule, Maharashtra 415615
  • Time:- 8:30am to 10:00pm
  • Recommendation:- Yes
3.Famous food Junction in Ganapatipule

1.Hotel Sameer:-


This hotel is near to Ganpatipule beach. You can go there by walking too. In this hotel one can have good and authentic konkani food. Try food here you will love to eat it. But go there after 12:00pm so you can get food on time. This hotel will open after 12:15pm. Place your order as soon as hotel opens.

  • Place:- Hotel Sameer
  • Address:-Ganpatipule, Maharashtra 415615
  • Time:- 12:30am to 3:00pm, 8pm to 10pm
  • Recommendation:- Highly recommended

2.Aditya Khanaval

This hotel is situated next to Prachin Konkan museum. Fabulous hotel and delicious food. Here you will get amazing home made food.

  • Place:- Aditya Khanaval
  • Address:- Rajwadi, Ganpatipule, Maharashtra 415615
  • Time:- NA
  • Recommendation:- Highly recommended

3.Mk’s Khau Katta


This place is a great place for breakfast. Being close to the temple, you can easily get there. At this place you can enjoy all kinds of Maharashtrian breakfast.

  • Place:- MK’s Khau Katta
  • Address:- Near Bank of India, opposite Bhau Joshi Khanaval, Ganapatipule, Maharashtra 415615
  • Time:- 7:30am to 12:00pm, 4:00pm to 8:00pm
  • Recommendation:- Highly recommended

4.Mehendale’s Swad Dining:-

This is also one of the good place to visit. Here you will get the home made food. Basically homemade veg food. Here you will get prompt service and good ambiance.

  • Place:- Mehendale’s Swad Dining
  • Address:- Arrey Warrey Rd, Malgund, Ganpatipule, Maharashtra-415615
  • Time:- 12:00am to 3:00pm, 7:30pm to 10:00pm
  • Recommendation:- Highly recommended
4.Hotel to Stay

1.Vaidya Holidays:-


The hotel is located 2 kilometers from the temple. Located in a very quiet location and close to the beach. The house is very comfortable and well maintained.

  • Hotel Name Vaidya Holidays
  • Address:- Arrey Warrey Road,, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra 415620
  • Check-in & Check-out:- 11am & 12pm
  • Recommendation:- Highly recommended

2.Blue Ocean Resort & Spa

  • Hotel Name:- Blue Ocean Resort & Spa
  • Address:- Arrey Warrey Road,, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra 415620
  • Recommendation:- Highly recommended

3.MTDC Resort, Ganaptipule:-

This Maharashtra Govt Resort, very good to stay and reasonable too. Just opposite to the Ganpatipule Ganesha temple & Ganpatipule beach.

  • Hotel Name :- MTDC Resort
  • Address:- near Ganpati Temple, Ganpatipule, Maharashtra 415615
  • Recommendation:- Highly recommended

4.Ganpatipule Bhakta Niwas:-

This place 26 minutes away from the Ganpatipule beach. This is very reasonable and Good place to stay and have very clean rooms. Here you will get food also, for which cost really very less. Currently 9 rooms are there, which is really very low as per the number of crowd. Everything is available in the bhakata niwas like, hot water, sufficient number of toilets, etc.

  • Hotel Name :- Ganpatipule Bhakta Niwas
  • Address:- Bhakta Niwas, At. Post. Bhagavatinagar – Nivendi, Tal. Dist. Ratnagiri, 415615
  • Recommendation:- Highly recommended
5.Travel Guide With Cost for Ganpatipule

Day 1

As I mentioned, I reached the Ratnagiri station by train and from there reached Ganapatipule by auto. Auto will cost you around Rs.400/-, if you want to take bus then walk from station until the nearest bus stop. You too can start your journey like me if this train or any other train leaves the same station. This train leaves you at the Ratnagiri station around 8 am. It then takes 45 minutes to reach Ganapatipule by auto. Upon arriving, you can depart for your hotel by having breakfast at MK’s Khau Katta. You can wander the beach by checking in and booking a hotel. After lunch at a suitable place, you can go for the Evening Aarti at Ganapatipule Temple, which on 7:00pm. From Vaidya hoidays to Ganesha temple auto will charge Rs.120/-.

Day 2

The next day you can see all the nearby sights. For this you will have to book an auto. You can inquire at your hotel reception to auto book. These sights include beautiful places like Jaigad Fort, Jai Ganesh Temple, Jaigalwar House, Kahteswar Temple. Start your day with breakfast. Get up in the morning, get breakfast in advance, and then sit in the auto and head to the Jay Vinayak Temple. This place is very beautiful and well organized. This temple is decorated with flowers and trees. Here you can spend 3o minutes.

Now next destination is Jaigad fort. After seeing the Jai Vinayak Temple, go to see Jaigad Fort. The place is historic and from here you will get to see the beautiful sea. This fort is still reminiscent of that time. After seeing the castle, go straight to the temple. This temple is situated in a very quiet area. Even in these places you will get to see the beautiful sea view.

After visiting this place, visit Jaigad light house while returning to your hotel room. It will be the best rout for you because you can cover all the spots and go light house round 4pm to 5pm, which is the visiting time of the Jaigad light house. After visiting this all places go to the hotel room and get ready to go the Ganpatipule beach, where you can do some water sports and can see the Magic Garden. For dinner I have suggested some place above. At evening you can have tea and snacks near Ganesha temple. This total trip charge around Rs. 700/-.

Day 3

This is the last day of this trip. You can visit Ganapatipule temple by getting ready in the morning and having breakfast. Then you go to the Prachin Konkan Museum. This is a beautiful open air museum. It will take you 1-2 hours to see the complete museum. You can go to Aditya Khanaval from the above places for lunch. This is a very good Hotel. Here you will find homemade food. Then you can take the bus to the train station and then board the train and go back to Mumbai.

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