Peb Fort Trek | Vikatgad | How to reach Peb Fort

Peb Fort Trek | Vikatgad | How to reach Peb Fort

Peb Fort | Vikatgad Trek | Neral | Matheran | One Day Trek to Peb Fort – Total Travel Guide – The ‘Peb fort’ is always very adventures for trekkers. The way for Vikatgad fort have very pleasant weather and the extreme beauty of nature.

Name “Peb” is derived from the name of goddess “Pebi Devi”. This fort is also know as the ‘Vikatgad fort’. Peb Fort trek is very popular trek in all the nature lovers. you will enjoy the foggy mountain way and the natural beauty of Maharashtra.

On the rout of this fort you will get to see the green mountains covered with cloud, lots of water fall, birds, toy train railway track and foggy mountain ways. I am sharing with you the video as will as the Peb fort images.

peb fort

The Vikatgad fort is located 19km from Karjat and 8km from Neral, Maharashtra. As it is closest to Matheran the toy train is available to see the incredible beauty of nature, but as I visited in the monsoon, it was not available due to the rain. If you want to book online ticket for toy train then click on this link Book Tickets Online and Toy train service is shut during the monsoon season and it starts functioning from second half of the month.

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So don’t you missed it any point of this post and you will get the total information for this Peb fort trek. I am sharing with you the full information which includes, how to travel to Peb fort from Mumbai? From which spot the trek would start? (as this is very tricky to know for new person). So here you will get all the information and answer your all questions. We are travelling for Peb fort from Mumbai and we will start the trek from the Neral.

  • Distance (Mumbai to Nreal by Local Train,): 1 h 32 min (89 km)
  • Distance(Neral to Kadyavarcha Ganpati Spot): 14 min (6.1 km)
  • Visited From: Mumbai
  • Trip Duration (Including Travel): 1 Day
  • Transportation Option taken: CSTM-KARJAT Local(time 6:24), Taxi
  • Travel Tips: Keep rain cote with you, don’t use the umbrella while trekking. Also keep Water bottle, some glucose biscuits with you.

I have decided to travel along the toy train track, as it is easiest way to reach Peb fort. There are 2 more routs are available to reach the Peb fort, in those one rout is starts from Mamadapur and second one is starts from Fanaswadi, it will take more than 2 and half hours to reach to vikatgad fort from the base village. This two ways are difficult than the way I have selected. From this difficult way you have to follow the light towers which will lead you towards the col. After that you should follow the southern narrow ride to reach the fort scarp, then you will face the 3 five fit rock patches. There is a nice cave temple on the way, after all of this you will get to see the gate of fort. To reach peb fort, it is hard rout.(wikipedia)

Peb fort images

How to reach Peb Fort?

You can reach Peb Fort from Neral or panvel. I am sharing with you the rout which is very easy to reach peb fort from the Neral. I will describe you, all things point wise, so don’t worry just follow the point and you will reach the vikatgad fort. Read this full article and you will never need to read second one, as I am sharing with you my experience which I had recently in 13 July, 2019. This article will help you a lot with trekking. If you are thinking, How to reach Neral and this toy train track? Don’t worry, just read it and keep a print out of this article with you!

Peb Fort Travel Guide in Bengali
peb fort
Dadar Station

Point 1: First you have to catch the CSTM (Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CST) to Karjat local from Dadar station or CSTM. I have taken CSTM-KARJAT local from Dadar. Then You have to reach to Neral, this local will drop you to Neral sation (I have boarded in the CSTM-KARAJAT Fast local, time is 6:24AM). You can check the local timing on following website. There are many websites available for cross verification.

peb fort
Neral Toy Train

Point 2: You will reach Neral station around 7:45AM to 8 AM. After reaching the Neral station, Platform No.1 you have to go to Platform no.2 by using foot bridge. when you reach the Platform No.2 you will get to see the toy train station. As it is raining toy train facility is closed for the monsoon season. Crossing the toy train station you will reach to the ticket counters as well as the Neral station entry gate.

Point 3: There are many hotels available to stay as well as for breakfast. Hotel Vasant bhojnalay, Samarth hotel, Hotel Aswad and many more. I had breakfast at Hotel Aswad( Missal pav Rs.50/- and Chai Rs.20/-per person). After the breakfast, I had taken Taxi for Dusturi. Taxi stand is just opposite to this hotel, you have to ask the taxi driver to drop you to Kadyavarcha Ganpati(ask him you want to go to peb fort – Kadyavarcha Ganpati). Once you cross the Neral station entrance gate, Taxi stand is immediate neighbor to Neral railway station. Share Taxi fare is Rs.80/- per person.

Point 4: Ask Taxi driver to drop you on the location(It will take 20-30 Minutes to reach drop spot). After you reached on the location, you will see the board on which written Kadyavaracha Ganpati. You will also get to see the rail line. yes! you have follow this rail line and you reach the entrance spot, from where the trek for Peb Fort starts.

Point 5: After reaching the drop spot (Kadyavaracha Ganpati), start walking along the rail line. This rout is very beautiful, as it has the cloudy mountans, water falls and eye catchy nature views. From the height of the mountain it looks very beautiful, you will enjoy the rail line rout which will take you to the starting spot of the Peb fort trek. It will take around one hour to reach to this trek start spot. Meanwhile enjoy the beauty of the nature and take some selfies.

Point 6: After 1 hour you will reach the Peb fort trek start point. Remember to notice this point, you will see the one bell over there. I am sharing the picture of this bell, so you will notice it easily. See the down side of this bell, you will notice that some satires are there. Yes! you have to use this stairs up to reach to the Peb Fort trek.

Point 7: Now start to follow the stairs and you will get to see one small temple on your left side. After 4 to 5 steps you will find 9-10 iron ladder, cross it. Your trek is started! this is the way to reach Peb fort. Take care while climbing the mountain steps, because it is very important to climb the mountain with care. you will find stones at your one side and very deep ditch on the other side. Whole path is very narrow, but you have to climb this narrow, strait but troublesome, scary and lonely path with endurance. At some places you will face slippery path, so be careful.

Point 8: After walking for one an hour you will get to see the top of the Peb Fort. Walk for 10 minutes more and you will see the two iron ladders. You have to climb this ladder to, this ladders are little scary, as it’s 2 stairs are not proper. So please take care while climbing the ladders. The ladders there is very small place to stand so please climb it with care. After climbing the ladders and walking for 2-3 minutes you will get to see the “Samartha Math”,. This is the place where people stay while night treking. Then you will reach to the place which is quite straight and bigger. Take rest here for 5 minutes.

Pen fort top

Point 9: After that you will one more small climb there, so climb this with care. This small mountain climb is very straight and after reaching on top you will see open ground. After climbing it you will strong hold made by rock at one side ((left side) which is the view point) and at your right side one path which is the path for last spot of trek which is “Datt Mandir”.

Point 10: To visit this place you have to walk on this path for 5 minutes and have to climb one more iron ladder to climb the last top of this Peb fort trek. Be careful while climbing the ladder as you will see both side of ladder is very deep ditch. After climbing the ladder you will get to see the newly build “Datta Mandir / Temple”. This is the last spot of trek. “Datt Mandir / Temple” spot is very narrow and have a very small space, so be careful while roaming and taking selfies or photos. You will reach here around 11:30, if you started your journey as I given(Trekking started at 9am, from bell spot).

Point 11: While descend from mountain be care as it is slippery. It will take 1 hour to you reach back to bell and rail track. After taht start your journey towards Matheran don’t go back to the spot (Kadyavarcha Ganpati) from which we were started our journey till trek point. So start walking towards Matheran which is 1 to 1.30 km from this peb fort trekking point.

Point 12: It will take 1 hour to reach Matheran parking space. From this parking walk 5 minutes and you will reach to taxi stand. Take taxi from this stand it will cost Rs. 80/- for Neral station. It will take 30 minutes to reach Neral station. I had a lunch at Neral station.

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Point 13: Now take the KARJAT-CSTM local to reach back to the Dadar station. This local have a stop at Thane, Kalyan,Kurla, Dadar, Byculla. This trek have overall cost for me around 1000/- (including breakfast, travelling and lunch for 2).

Peb fort trek in Hindi

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