Ramzan Eid Special | Mohammed ali road – The Ramadan Heaven

Ramzan Eid Special | Mohammed ali road – The Ramadan Heaven

Ramzan Eid Special | Mohammed ali road – The Ramadan Heaven – Mumbai is not a city it is necessity. Everyday many people come to Mumbai with there dreams and desires in every sector, from Business to Bollywood, Arts to Politics, that’s why we called, “Mumbai the city of dreams!” Mumbai street food is famous and it has its own fan base. There are many khu-gali’s in the city and varieties of street food is available over there. Mumbai is also famous for shopping markets, street food, skyscrapers, restaurants, freedom, shopping malls, sea, night life and last but not the least ‘world heritage’.

Mohammed ali road - The Ramadan Heaven

Everyone has a attraction of Mumbai city. Every youth wants to live there life in Mumbai, wants to settle in Mumbai, because Mumbai is the city of opportunities. There are many girls like me who love Mumbai and Mumbai’s shopping. In this all one of the most famous destination in Mumbai is Mohammed ali road.

As we know the corona virus Pandemic is going on and we all are in the phase of lock down. No one can go out side, all are home quarantine. In this period of time our Muslim brothers and sisters celebrated Ramzan Eid. But yes there is nothing like last year. So I went to Mohammad ali road in last year in the pak month ramadan. Here, I am sharing experience of Ramadan Eid 2019 with you.

The beauty of Mohammed ali road is on the top in Ramadan. This is the place in Mumbai where you will get everything you want to eat as a Iftar. There are plenty of food varieties are available. In Ramadan, this place is like a melting pot of flavors. Wide range of food varieties are available over there like lots of non-veg preparation and sweets. At Mohammed ali road you will find everything you love, from lip-smacking Kabab to a flavored firni, here’s all that, but you have to go to Mohammed ali road and have to try food before Eid.

Just walk through the street and you will spot a many standing food stalls at every nook and corner. I personally like to drink a milk shakes and eat firni. This article is written on Ramadan Special Mohmmad ali road. The history, specialty and full guide for how to reach Mohammed ali road.

Ramazan Eid – History of Mohammed ali road

Mohammed ali road, Mumbai known for food lanes which come alive during the Holy month of Ramadan is named after Mohammad Ali Jouhar. Muhammad Ali Jauhar also known as Maulana Mohammad Ali Jauhar, as an Indian Muslim leader, activist, scholar, journalist and a poet. The Muhammad Ali Johar was elected to become the President of Indian National Congress party in 1923. He was also one of the founders and presidents of the All-India Muslim League. Jouhar also supported Gandhi’s call for a national civil resistance movement, and inspired many hundreds of protests and strikes all over India.

How reach Mohammed ali road?

  • You can direct take a cab for mohammed ali road from any where in Mumbai.
  • If you want to experience local travel of Mumbai then catch a Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj (CSTM) local from central or harber line and get down at Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj (CSTM) station, this a world heritage side. From CSTM it is 2.1 km, by walking it will take half an hour to reach to mohammed ali road.
  • There is another option is also available after you reached CSTM you can take cab from station to mohammad ali road.

There are many food varieties available like seekh Paratha, mawa Jalebi, anjeer barfi, katri, firni, rabdi and many more, also a many non-veg dishes are available. As I told you, there are lot of varieties available in food. Suleman usman Mithaiwala is a famous distention for sweet lovers. But remember that visit this place at the evening only, because food stalls are available at the evening. You will see the many standing stalls near every corner and my favorite is rooh afza milk sharbat. I am sharing with you a short recipe of my favorite Rooh Afza milk shake.

Rooh Afza milk shake Ingredients

  • 2 Glass Milk
  • 3 tsp Rooh Afza
  • 1/2 glass of Water
  • 1 tsp Sugar
  • Ice cubs

Ramzan Eid – Rooh Afza milk shake Process

First take cold milk in one bowl. Then add Rooh Afza, sugar, water and ice cube, mix it well. Now your Rooh Afza milk shake is ready. It is very easy recipe, isn’t it? So try this drink at home and trust me guys you will love the taste as well as aroma of this milk shake.

After this bad situation of pandemic get over, I would suggest you to visit mohammed ali road in next Ramzan Eid. You will see the holy Ramadan atmosphere over there. Many people are having there food over there. The feeling is like a heaven. You will feel the existence and Rehemat of Allah. If you want a more information so post your comment in comment box.

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